Set Up NYU SoM Email


Email is the primary mode of communication at the School of Medicine.  In order to be integrated into our system and to facilitate communication between you and the school, we have provided your email address, username and temporary password in your Summer Mailing.  Begin using this email immediately and check it regularly as we will be sending you essential information and updates.
To log into your email, visit

  1. Click on the “Outlook Web Email” link
  2. Choose the computer you are using (private/public)
  3. Log on using the Kerberos ID (e.g. the portion of your email in front of the @symbol;  ex. doej01).  Your temporary password has been provided in your summer mailing.
  4. After initially logging in, you will be prompted to change your password
  5. Once your password is changed, log back in with your Kerberos ID and new password

For more information on configuring your email account, visit the NYULMC IT Website at (Click on “How To” then “Access Email”). You may also contact the MCIT Customer Support Center at (212) 263-6868 or submit a service request at identify yourself as a new medical student looking to access your email.

The school will only use the NYU School of Medicine email address which you have been assigned to send communication regarding Orientation and other updates.