Upcoming Events:

The Master Scholars Program in Humanistic Medicine is hosting its Fall Colloquium "Is Healing an Individual Matter?" on Tuesday, November 11th at 6:30PM in the Schwartz E Lecture Hall. Join us in welcoming to our faculty Samuel Shem (pen-name of Stephen Bergman, MD, PhD)—physician, activist, novelist, playwright, and author of the iconic The House of God. Dr. Shem will be joined on a panel by Drs. Arthur Caplan and David Oshinsky for a conversation on isolation and connection in medicine and the evolution of the doctor-patient relationship. RSVP requested: CLICK HERE TO RSVP. We hope to see you there!

Past Events:

Dr. Arthur Caplan
Director, Division of Medical Ethics, Department of Population Health, NYULMC

The field of bioethics has either remained silent in the face of Nazi crimes or accepted the myths that Nazi biomedicine was inept, mad, or coerced. The fact is that many of those who committed the crimes of the Holocaust were competent physicians and scientists who acted from strong moral convictions. This puzzle
of how it came to be that physicians and scientists who caused so much suffering and death did so in the
belief that they were morally right is the focus of this presentation.

Dr. Arthur Caplan is the Director of the Division of Medical Ethics in the Department of Population Health at NYU Langone Medical Center. Recognized as one of the pre-eminent bioethicists in the world, Dr. Caplan joined NYULMC in July 2012 from the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, where he was the director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Bioethics, which he built into one of the premier programs in the world. He is the author or editor of 30 books and more than 550 papers in peer-reviewed journals and is the recipient of numerous honors and awards including the McGovern Medal of the American Medical Writers Association, the Franklin Award from the City of Philadelphia, and the Patricia Price Browne Prize in Biomedical Ethics.

October 25, 2012
6:00-7:00PM & Reception to Follow
Farkas Auditorium
550 First Avenue


The Waiting Room Documentary Film Screening
Discussion with filmmaker Peter Nicks facilitated by Dr. Lewis R. Goldfrank (Herbert W. Adams Professor and Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, Bellevue Hospital/NYU School of Medicine & Medical Director, New York City Poison Center)
When: September 27, 2012; 6:15PM
Where: IFC Center, 323 Sixth Avenue (at West 3rd Street)

THE WAITING ROOM is a character-driven documentary film that uses extraordinary access to go behind the doors of Oakland’s Highland Hospital, a safety-net hospital struggling to care for a community of largely uninsured patients. Stretched to the breaking point, Highland is the primary care facility for 250,000 patients of nearly every nationality, race, and religion. The film offers a raw, intimate, and even uplifting look at how patients, staff, and caregivers each cope with disease, bureaucracy, and hard choices. The ER waiting room serves as the grounding point for the film, capturing in vivid detail what it means for millions of Americans to live without health insurance. Young victims of gun violence take their turn alongside artists and small business owners who lack insurance. Steel workers, taxi cab drivers, and international asylum seekers crowd the halls. The film weaves together the stories of several patients – as well as the hospital staff charged with caring for them – as they cope with the complexity of the nation’s public health care system, while weathering the storm of a national recession. View the film trailer.