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 Alumni and guest who have already registered for the morning activities in Farkas Auditorium / Alumni Hall, the Dinner Dance at the Ritz-Carlton 

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Medical Alumni Weekend is just around the corner. Join us on Saturday, April 26, 2014.

Dean's Honors Day

On Monday September 30, 2013 faculty members, benefactors, family and freinds gathered in Farkas auditorium for the 12th annual Dean's Honors Day. The event recognizes three outstading faculty members as "Masters" - one clinician, one scientist, and one educator as well as those who have been promoted, named to an endowed professorship, received tenure, or served as chair of a department, including newly named chairs.

This year's top honorees include Master Clinician Larry A. Chinitz, MD, the Alvin Benjamin and Kenneth Coyle, Sr. Family Professor of Medicine and Cardiac Electrophysiology; Master Educator Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD, Walter A.L. Thompson Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery; and Master Scientist Evgeny A. Nudler, PhD, Julie Anderson Professor of Biochemistry.

One generous supporter of the Medical Center is also honored, with the Valentine Mott Founders Award, for their efforts on behalf of the Medical Center. This year Alice M. Tisch was recognized for two decades of work with KIDS of NYU Langone, of which she is the chair.

NYU School of Medicine Graduation

On May 22, 2013 at Lincoln Center, NYU School of Medicine celebrated 167 newly MDs and 14 Masters of Science at the 171st annual graduation. The mood was as glowing as the lights insde Every Fisher Hall. Anthony J. Grieco, MD '63, '60ARTS, Associate Dean, invoked the contributions to science, education and human health of some of NYU School of Medicine's most distinguished graduates, including Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin, creators of polio vaccines; James Shannon, first director of National Institutes of Health; and neuroscientist and Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel. "Now it is your turn to improve the world" he told the graduates. Dr. Grieco also spoke up for improved access to care. "I encourage you to reaffirm the pricnciple that you witness in action at Bellevue, that all people have the fundamental right to equal access to healthcare," he said to a hearty round of applause.

In his remarks to the graduates, Dean Robert I. Grossman, MD, summed it up "Earning your medical degree in the same academic year that your School nearly drowned in 15 million gallons of contaminated water is quite a distinction." It was not surprising that Hurricane Sandy was the talking point in several of today's speeches.

David M. Oshinsky, PhD, new director of the Division of Humanities, Adjunct professor of Medicine at NYU School of Medicine, and Distinguished Scholar in Residence at New York University gave the keynote speech at the graduation ceremony. Read more

Helping NYU School of Medicine Students get off to a good start - Some of our students have had their lives changed for the better through the generosity of Larry A. Silverstein '52ARTS (Hon. '92), a trustee of NYU and NYU Langone Medical Center, and his wife, Klara Silverstein, and by NYU Langone trustee Jan T. Vilcek, MD, Kand.Sc. (Hon. '06), Professor of Microbiology at our School, and his wife, Marica F. Vilcek. Both couples have created full-tuition scholarship  for academically outstanding students, which alleviates the financial burdens of attending medical school. Read the students stories

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NYU School of Medicine Brings The Anatomy Dissection (The BioDigitalHuman) to your Living Room: 'Nothing can replace the feeling of holding a humain heart in your hands for the first time"

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